Recorded Sessions and Resources

Webinar 1 – June 29

Basics of Sustainability; Byproduct and Waste Synergy and Assessment


   Webinar Slide Deck with Presentation by Divya Sridhar   //    Presenters: Divya Sridhar, Victoria Avi, Danielle Doza

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Webinar 2 – July 6

Goal Setting, Waste Reduction, Ohio Material Marketplace


   Webinar Slide Deck   //   Presenters: Victoria Avi, Danielle Doza

       Guest Speaker Slide Deck  //  Presenter: Jessica Dalzell, Environmental Specialist, Ohio EPA

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EPA Resources:

Ohio EPA Resources:

Solid Waste Association of North America Resources: 

Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District: 

Zero Waste Tools

Software Tools

Zero Waste Certification Program

Webinar 3 – July 13

Designing for Circularity


   Webinar Slide Deck   //   Presenters: Danielle Doza, Victoria Avi

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Webinar 4 – July 20

Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Emissions, Gov’t Funding Opportunities


   Webinar Slide Deck  //  Presenters: Victoria Avi, Danielle Doza

       Guest Speaker Slide Deck  //  Presenter: Courtney Kishbaugh, Director of Innovation Projects, Greater Cleveland Partnership

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Webinar 5 – July 27

Sustainability Implementation Strategy, First and Next Steps on Getting Started, Examples of Circularity


Sustainability Implementation Worksheet (PDF)

   Webinar Slide Deck //  Presenters: Victoria Avi, Danielle Doza

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation Resources

Circular Cleveland Resources

Business Grants ($1,000)

By actively participating in this webinar series (attend live webinar sessions or view recorded sessions by August 18), you will discover connections and opportunities that will empower you to reuse and recycle waste and byproducts effectively. As an added incentive, manufacturing companies located in the City of Cleveland have the chance to apply for a business grant of $1,000, giving you the financial support you need to kickstart your journey toward adopting sustainable and circular practices. (Grants are available only to companies with a physical presence in the City of Cleveland, Ohio).

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