Guest: Bianca Michelle

Episode 5: Environmental Justice is Racial Justice

Environmental justice is racial justice. Black Lives Matter. In this episode, we talk with Bianca Michelle — an advocate and activist focusing on equity and racial and environmental justice in community development.  She is an entrepreneur and just launched a new podcast. Bianca is also the Neighborhood Services Coordinator at Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc., a community development corporation in Cleveland. Bianca Michelle is a wealth of knowledge and one of the best equity advocates in our city.

This conversation paints a picture of the community development space through the lens of environmental justice. Bianca Michelle discusses the importance and strength of engaging people and building community relationships. We also get into the need for better collaboration in systems, obstacles for achieving environmental justice including the whiteness of the environmental space, and how we can make progress. This conversation is truly refreshing and energizing.

You can find Bianca Michelle on Instagram @biancamichelle13. Learn more about her business Ujima Refresh @ujimarefresh. Listen to her talk about the Cleveland experience on the VILLAGE PERSPECTIVE Podcast, find it on Spotify, @villageperspective.

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Onwards and Upwards!

“Seek to listen more. Give yourself some grace . . . Be kind to yourself. Be patient with others. Go out there and be great. And, if you choose, go with God.”

Bianca Michelle

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