Guest: Sylvia Tang

Episode 4: Supply Chain and Sustainable Foods

In Episode Four of Venture Forward Together we talk about the business case for sustainable practices. We also focus on our true love, chocolate, with Sylvia Tang, the Demand Planning and Innovation Manager at Alter Eco Foods based in San Francisco. Sylvia has been making the business case for social and environmental sustainability for most of her career and highlights critical aspects that make a business resilient.

Alter Eco Foods has committed to responsible practices since its inception, including sourcing, packaging, and how it treats its employees, suppliers and customers. We love this company for so many reasons, including the excellent chocolate! Check out the company’s sustainability report for all of the details on how Alter Eco is advancing best practices in the food industry.

Sylvia is our first guest from our Center for Social Impact Strategy network. You’ll hear us discuss the program and how she integrated some of that knowledge into her work.

Sylvia also shares with us stories that inspire her and her favorite sustainability/social impact resources including:

Thank you for joining us for Venture Forward Together, an interview series with friends and colleagues working in the sustainability and social impact fields.

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