An Introduction to Sustainability and the Circular Economy for Cleveland-based manufacturing companies to reduce disposal costs, reduce emissions, and stay ahead of the regulatory curve

Position Your Company for Greater Success: Embrace Sustainability and Harness the Power of the Circular Economy for Your Manufacturing Company! Are you ready to unlock hidden value within your company? Circular manufacturing presents an opportunity to drive down waste costs while simultaneously creating new avenues for value generation. Don’t let your outdated inventory languish or expensive waste disposal eat away at your profits any longer! We invite you to join the webinar series tailored for Cleveland’s small and medium-sized manufacturing companies: Register Today to Attend Live Sessions! Recordings will be available after each webinar.

Business Grants ($1,000)

By actively participating in this webinar series (attend live webinar sessions or view recorded sessions by August 18), you will discover connections and opportunities that will empower you to reuse and recycle waste and byproducts effectively. As an added incentive, manufacturing companies located in the City of Cleveland have the chance to apply for a business grant of $1,000, giving you the financial support you need to kickstart your journey toward adopting sustainable and circular practices. (Grants are available only to companies with a physical presence in the City of Cleveland, Ohio). Apply today!

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