Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Venture Forward Strategies (VFS) can support your company through the reporting process to produce a more effective response. We will take you through our 5-Step process by implementing the discovery, team preparation, data collection, report submission, and opportunity report. Our team is experienced in responding to CDP and THESIS and developing internal sustainability reports. Make your report more effective with experienced guidance from VFS.

There are tangible business benefits to be gained from responding to your stakeholder’s requests for disclosure: Protect and improve your company’s reputation, Boost your competitive advantage, Track and benchmark progress, Uncover risks and opportunities, Get ahead of regulation

– Benefits of Disclosure, CDP

THESIS can identify environmental and social hotspots across the value chain and highlight improvement opportunities. 

– Benefits of Reporting, THESIS

  • Define the purpose of the report
  • Understand how Company has previously reported, if at all
  • Outline the information needed for the reporting process
  • Identify who needs to be involved in the process/information gathering
  • VFS + Company provide a list of who needs to obtain what information
  • Set the schedule and deadlines for information and preparation
  • Develop and distribute questionnaires/surveys to Company departments and suppliers
  • Collect and organize information (such as GHG emissions, supplier data, internal responses, etc.)
  • Company team and VFS work together to draft report responses
  • Regular touch points with Company team and VFS
  • Review all final response
  • Company Team or VFS inputs all data and responses and submits
  • VFS prepares a follow up report for Company with feedback on the process, suggestions for improvement, and identifies further sustainability opportunities
  • VFS prepares a Standard Operating Procedure for the reporting process

Internal Sustainability Report – If your company wants to write an internal report on your current sustainability practices and identify opportunities, VFS will develop an Internal Sustainability Reporting package.

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Programs and Certifications Completed

  • TSC Trained Service Provider. Specialized training in THESIS content, KPIs, and methodology.
  • Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship: CDP Reporting – Measure and Manage Environmental Impact
Boston College Center For Corporate Citizenship