VFS a trained service provider to assist with The Sustainability Insight System

By Danielle Doza

The Sustainability Insight System (“THESIS”), developed by The Sustainability Consortium, is a reporting system that collects information on the performance of a company’s sustainability practices.  THESIS is used by several large retailers, including Walmart/Sam’s Club, Kroger, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Staples, and more. Retailers send requests to their suppliers to complete the THESIS survey. Suppliers – consumer product companies – then report on their sustainability practices and information about their supply chain, from raw materials to the manufacturing process to packaging.

THESIS aligns with widely-used certifications, standards, and tools and is designed to support existing reporting efforts while offering deeper insight.

Sustainability reporting requests continue to flow up the supply chain, and more and more companies are asked to complete various reports. Every consumer products company should be familiar with THESIS and prepared to report. Do you know your Scope 1 & 2 emissions? Do you know if your packaging is recyclable or made from post-consumer recycled material? If you make a food product, do you know the fertilizers used to grow that food? These questions, and more, are asked by THESIS. Venture Forward Strategies can support your company with the reporting process

Partner Victoria Avi completed the Trained Service Provider course offered through The Sustainability Consortium a nonprofit organization that promotes more sustainable consumer products. As a Trained Service Provider, VFS can:

  • Support Consumer Products Companies in completing THESIS assessment
  • Understand and explain THESIS methodology
  • Identify critical THESIS hotspots and plan for improvements
  • Help design and implement sustainability KPIs based on THESIS results

According to The Sustainability Consortium:

Companies who hired TSC Trained Service Providers scored, on average, 34% higher on THESIS sustainability performance assessments than those who didn’t.

While the score matters in some ways, what we view as most important is that a company responds to the survey. By responding, your company will better understand its footprint and impacts and be able to identify opportunities for improved practices. 

If you are a consumer products company that sells in a big retailer, chances are you will be asked to complete THESIS (or a similar sustainability survey). More and more retailers are calculating their greenhouse gas emissions and footprints, which means the requests will continue to flow up the supply chain. 

Be a preferred supplier to many retailers. Improve your THESIS score. If you have not previously responded to THESIS, this is the best year to start. 

Let Venture Forward Strategies support your company in the THESIS process. 


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