Guest: Jackie Lowe Stevenson

Episode 2: How Nature Can Guide Us Through Testing Times

Welcome to the second episode of Venture Forward Together — an interview series with friends and colleagues working in the sustainability and social impact fields. We are reconnecting with our network and highlighting the great work happening in social impact and business. Enjoy the conversation!

In this episode we catch up with a long-time friend of Victoria’s, Jackie Lowe-Stevenson. Jackie is the founder of Spirit of Leadership, which provides experiential learning with horses focused on leadership excellence, team performance, organizational spirit, and personal discovery. This conversation is filled with restorative moments and insights into how nature can guide us through testing times. You may even hear some birds chirping in the background.

Jackie shares with us an excerpt from her book Someday We’ll Live Like Horses: Authentic Presence in Leadership and Life. She also recommends books that inspire her by author David Abram:

Jackie continues to be restored by slowing down and physically connecting with nature. She hopes we all can live with this in mind: kindness, happy, love, be silly, be yourself.

Take a listen, take your shoes off, and take a walk outside.

Thanks again for joining us for Venture Forward Together. Onwards and Upwards!

I think [leadership] is about listening. Many people think [that] to be a good leader you need to know what to say. . . I think one of the most important keys and capacities of leaders is to be able to listen, and listen in a very particular way. Listen through their heart. Listen through humility. Listening through empathy and compassion.

Jackie Lowe StevensonJackie Lowe Stevenson

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